“Girls in LOCKON” visited “Girls in Tech Japan”~日本語と英語で書いたよ!~

Hello everyone, I’m Ha from Vietnam and now taking charge of recruitment in LOCKON. After graduated from university, I got the opportunity to work in Japan and became the first Vietnamese girl in LOCKON Japan. Before that, I had two months experience of internship at LOCKON’s offshore in Vietnam. Thanks to that chance, I got to know more about the company, the work I could do and found out the connection between company’s philosophy and mine. After just two months, I strongly felt that I will grow fast if I develop my career path in Japan. Finally, I’ve been qualified and started working at LOCKON’s headquarters from July this year. It was so much exciting but I know that it’s just the beginning, there is a very long way to achieve success.



In order to be accustomed to a new environment and to understand deeply about the people and their working styles, LOCKON opens lots of chances for me to join events and activities. The most recent event was “Girls in Tech Japan” which was held in 3rd September at Osaka.

今回は、9月3日に行われた“Girls in Tech Japan”というイベントにロックオンの女子メンバーと一緒に行ってきました。

Have you ever heard about “Girls in Tech”?
It is a global non-profit program focused on engagement, education and empowerment of women in technology and entrepreneurship. They put efforts on the growth and success of entrepreneurial and innovative women by arranging wide range of programs such as “The Girls in Tech Mentorship program”, “Global classroom”, “Girls in Tech WORK” and so on.
The point is this was the first time “Girls in Tech” launched in Japan even it has been known worldwide since 2007.

Girls in Tech”とはどんな団体かをご存じですか?
Girls in Techとは女性起業者とテクノロジー業界にいる女性のエンパワーメント、エンゲージメント、教育にフォーカスしたグローバルなNPO団体です。起業の精神がある女性や革新的な考えがある女性のため、 “The Girls in Tech Mentor ship program”、“Global classroom”、“Girls in Tech WORK”などいろいろなプログラムに力を入れて取り組んでいます。


The audience were various, from high school student to CEO or manager of famous company. Even this event addressed “Girls” but the number of “Boys” was about 30%. The speakers obviously were successful business women including entrepreneurs, managers in well-known company, and famous startup operation manager from Silicon Valley as well.


The underlined keywords are “Girls”, “Entrepreneur”, “Innovation”, “Technology”, ”Education”… Among these, I especially like three words “Girls”, “Education”, “Entrepreneur”. The reason is, if each word stands alone, it is just a word but when putting it together, it lets me image about the picture where women are facilitated access to high education background, they have passion and dreams about a better future, they’re determined and dare to overcome any challenges.


How was the event?

Girls in tech 1

The panel discussion was about “Ways to find the right job”, “Ways to keep working with full energy”, “Differences of male and female brains” and also “The secrets of balancing work and family life”.






I was interested in the talk about brain. When the speaker shared a piece of information about male and female brains, it one more time showed that women absolutely are able to get an overwhelming success in many fields.


It seems like a big different between male and female brains. The male brain looks really complex and both sides seem like working independently. In the other hand, female brain has the left and right coordinating with each other. And the conclusion turns out that women can be able to work excellent in social activities, human interaction job,…but I don’t think “Solving multi-task at the same time” really works on me at least now.


Girls in tech 2

I also had a short talk with Ms. Meghan who is the operation manager of 500 Startups, which founded in Silicon Valley. While Silicon Valley’s gender gap becomes a problem, 500 Startups is proud to possess around 40% of female employees instead of 20% comparing to other companies. She said that the globe now is flat than ever, so the organization needs to diversify its workplace and discard the conservation about women and foreigner.


This time, she chose Kobe to run a new accelerator program. When being asked why Kobe, then the answer was that Kobe becomes the very supportive environment for entrepreneurs so far and the people there also really active in startup activities.

今ミーガンさんは神戸の新しいアクセラレータプログラムを推進しているということです。なぜ神戸なのかという質問に、「最近の神戸は起業者へ支持的環境を備えて、起業者のコミュニティーも活躍しているから」と答えていました。Girls in tech 3

We were treated well with drinks and snacks in break time, and then a night party prepared perfectly for guests and speakers to get closer. I was so surprised by LOCKON’s brand awareness from the surrounding.


My expression

I was so inspired by listening to the story of successful women in IT industry where just a small margin of women could stay. It was completely mind-boggling!


There was the old story, but sexual discrimination used to be a big problem for thousands of years. In this century, even though there are still many challenges to overcome, women become bold and visible in many fields and now they want to create the world where “Girls” will challenge the future of “Tech”.


In LOCKON, we provide an open environment that is willing to join female engineers. Because of the same perspective about encouraging women in IT fields, LOCKON became one of the sponsors of “Girls in Tech Japan”.

ロックオンは働きがいのある会社づくりに力に入れていて、いろいろな取組や特徴的な制度を工夫しておこなっています。特に明るく元気な女性エンジニアは大歓迎です。女性社員の活躍を推進するという共通点があるので、ロックオンは“Girls in Tech Japan”の活動を応援するため、協賛企業になりました。

girls in tech 4

Now is the time for women to stand up and seriously think about what they really want to do and what they can do. Just do it without thinking too much, then many things will turn right!
Thanks “Girls in Tech Japan” for arranging such a meaningful event!

“Girls in Tech Japan”のような意義のあるイベントを開催していただき、ありがとうございました!


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